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Certified Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher



About Structured Literacy

Structured Literacy (SL) is a researched based method of reading instruction which develops core foundational skills necessary for reading and writing, including:

  • phonology - including phonemic awareness and phonics

  • sound/symbol associations - for decoding and spelling

  • syllable instruction -  for decoding, vocabulary and comprehension

  • morphology - for vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills

  • syntax - for reading comprehension and writing skills

  • semantics - for reading comprehension and writing skills. 

SL instruction develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a systematic and cumulative program using explicit instruction diagnostic teaching.

It is a method particularly geared for students with dyslexia because it specifically and directly teaches the skills which are  their core weaknesses, including phonological skills, decoding, and spelling. These are foundational skills which are necessary and essential for proper development of their reading comprehension and writing skill.  SL is very effective for teaching other "at risk" student populations, nonreaders and English Language Learners (ELLs)

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