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Welcome to The Reading Room!

 Remedial lessons designed just for YOU! 

About The Reading Room

About The Reading Room

The Reading Room is a new reading clinic in Israel, created to help teens and adults improve their reading and writing skills in English. 


Strong English skills are essential in order to get ahead in our global village. But people with dyslexia, learning disabilities or personal life challenges will struggle to read and write correctly, even when English is their first spoken language.

Can you imagine how much more difficult it is when English is their second or third language? Or the struggles native English speakers face when living in non-English speaking countries?


If this describes your child, your student or your friend,

then The Reading Room can help!

Our Services -

Private Lessons and Small Groups

  • Learning to Read 
  • Reading to Learn 
  • Learning to Write 
  • Writing to 'Publish'
Reading a Book

Stage 1

Learning to Read

The focus of these lessons is for the student to learn to read correctly, quickly, and easily, using multisensory, sequential, and systematic instruction. 


Each student will learn phonics and phonemic awareness, decoding and blending, orthographic mapping and word structures.


They will "graduate" when they can comfortably read the level of text that they need.

Our Services
Our Students

Our Students

Speaking and reading skills do not develop the same way and at the same pace for everyone, and especially not for bilingual, second language learners and students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.


Our teenage and adult students at The Reading Room, are students who want to improve their English reading and writing skills so that they can be more successful at school, at work, and in life.   

Olim Teens

Did you make aliya with older children whose reading and writing skills need some tweeking? 

University Students

Would you like to learn effective skills for reading academic and writing research papers?

ADHD Teens

Is inattentiveness and distractibility effecting reading comprehension ? 

Bilingual & Dyslexic

After focusing on Hebrew skills, maybe it's time for 1:1 remedial instruction to learn to read English fluently!

English Teachers

Do you have "non-readers" in your JHS or HS class who could benefit from learning the fundamental elements of reading? 


Is your Israeli colleague looking to improve his English skills in order to advance in his career?

Young Adults

Do you want to improve your scores on the Amirim Exam or place higher in mechina  or English in  University?  

How It Works!
The Reading Room in Israel

Step 1: Start a chat

 - Click HERE to reach me on whatsapp.

English as a 2nd Language Israelis

Start by reaching out and telling me a bit about yourself, your student or your child. Describe what you think the problem is. Let's get to know each other and figure out how I can help you. 

Step 2: Tell me more

 - Click HERE  for our Student Intake Form.

The next step is an intake form. This should be filled out by the student in Hebrew or in English. Either one is fine. It will give me more background in order to begin designing the right remedial plan.

Step 3: Let's meet

 - Click HERE to set up an appointment.

Schedule an initial consultation and informal literacy assessment in order to create the right literacy program for you. We can meet on Zoom or in our Beit Shemesh office, according to COVID-19 Israel Ministry of Health regulations.

About Gayle Shimoff

Gayle Shimoff is a specialist in the fields of dyslexia, reading development
and learning disabilities. She is also a  Certified Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher (C-SLCT)
Gayle has taught English as a Second Language courses at both Rothberg International School at The Hebrew University and at Bezalel Academic College, in Jerusalem. 

Since moving to Israel in 1994, Gayle has focused her career on helping "at risk" bilingual and second language learners. Over the years she has taught children, teens and adults, and worked with parents, teachers and school districts. 

Gayle has a BA from Brooklyn College in Elementary School and Special Education and an MA in Learning Disabilities from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She also studied and conducted original research in psycholinguistics at Bar Ilan University, and earned an MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Hebrew University. 

​She has a Permanent Teacher's License in Special Education from The State of New York and is a member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

Gayle established The Reading Room in 2020 for older teens and young adults, whose educational needs are different from those of school age students.
Gayle has two married sons and a granddaughter and lives in Beit Shemesh with her husband Danny and their dog Krembo.


How It Works in 3 Easy Steps!

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